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Nostalgia is the Narrative


Blake Parsons

Artist Statement


Every car or truck has a story. Some were loved from the time they left the dealership, others may have been passed around between many owners, or even abused and neglected.  Either way, there are stories to tell. Every person who drives can tell you about their first car. Memories were made in every vehicle ever created.  Whether these memories were good or bad may have made an impact on where the vehicle ends up in the end.  Some will be passed down over generations, keeping the history alive within the family, others are destined to be sent to the junk yard where they will be picked apart by mechanics and car enthusiasts until it is finally sent to the crusher.


My large oil paintings on masonite are primed with a thick coat of gesso that leaves a subtle texture.  Each painting begins with an expressive underpainting of bright acrylic colors reminiscent of the car’s original paint.  Dramatic brush strokes and hues in the underpainting are revealed in some areas of the final painting.


With this body of work, I am seeking a better understanding of the relationship between people and their cars and to tell their stories.  For behind every scratch or dent, every coat of paint, every torn seat or broken windshield there is a moment in time that had an impact on someone. I want my paintings to stir feelings of nostalgia for those who have created memories with their cars, and to inspire others get out there and drive.

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